Morning, Midday and Evening

For this task I had  to take photographs of the landscape at three different time of day which were:

  • Morning
  • Midday
  • Evening

The first photograph shows on of my morning photos, I decided that I would take the photograph at sunrise on a misty and foggy day as I thought it would show of the landscape in a better light as shows how the mist floats in between the trees and the ground underneath. I like the way that the sunrise has Silhouetted the main body of the tree and yet the light is still coming through the leafs and showing the colours they hold. I also like the way that in the mist you can see some of the suns raise coming through the branches of the trees and falling on the ground underneath. To improve this photograph I would probably lessen the brightness of the sun in the centre of the photograph as the sun spot covers the leafs slightly from the direction the sun is coming from. I would also try and get a little more of the tree and the area surrounding it into the photograph to try and show of the whole landscape.

The second photograph shows one of my Midday photos. I decided that I would go up slightly higher in the landscape to try and show how one area can be hilly and in the distance it could be flat. I like the layout in this photograph as you can see the whole tree and its surrounding area compared to the photograph above where you can only see a section of the tree and hardly anything of the surrounding area that it is in. I also like the fact that the lighting is coming from behind me so that there are no sun spots in the photograph which does not distract the viewer as much. To improve the photograph I would probably darken the path to the right of the tree a little more so that it can make a better leading line to the tree. I would also try and lessen the view of one of the clouds in the background as it makes it look as though the tree is smoking slightly.

The third photograph shows one of my evening photos, I decided that I would use a sun set Silhouette for this photograph as I like the effect the sunset has on a landscape. I like the object on the fence post in this photograph as it draws the viewer in to try and decipher what it is exactly and adds another element to the photograph. I also like the colours that the sunset is giving the sky as they are almost contrasting colour so the colour then stand out more. To improve this photograph I think I would crop a little of at the bottom so that there isn’t so much negative space. I would also try and Silhouette it a little more as use can see the light on the fence posts which is slightly distracting. As well as these I think I would try and lessen the sun spot in the background so that it is less distracting and doesn’t cover the landscape as much.

Over all I think that this task has turned out well as I like the majority of the images I have taken as I think in most cases I have captured the light at the different time of day well and the photographs look interesting. But in spite of this I think I prefer the sunrise and sunset one the most as I like the colours they create.


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