Photographic Inspiration: Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander is a London based photographer who is known for his landscapes and portraiture, his best known work is Yangtze (The Long River) for which he was awarded the Prix Pictet award in 2009.


Nadav Kander creates his photographs by not creating a concept but instead going to a place empty minded and shooting a scene to try and describe how he feels at the time the photographs are being taken. When Nadav Kander was photographing China he felt like he was looking into a mirror as he thought that they were trying to mimic the western world and it was this that he found quite upsetting.

Nadav Kander is inspired by the works of Francis Bacon as he finds his work “challenging” and “troubled”.


The first photograph comes from Nadav Kanders series The Long River and shows a misty morning on the river with the construction of a bridge peering through the mist, on the sandy river bank there are a group of people with a dog and another person away from the group and looking in a different direction from everyone else. Nadav Kander has used the natural lighting in this photograph and this helps to create a slightly more eerie feel to the photography that the mist helps create, the construction of the bridge in the mist also helps to crate this as it looks abandoned and ghost like in the mist. The fact that there is so few people in the image makes you think that not many people can be seen there though out the day and that it is a quiet place to go. I find that this photograph is very interesting as I like the many different shapes that can be found in the image and that the fact that the mist and the light direction makes the shapes a little silhouetted which makes the image look like its mainly black and white even though the image is in colour.


The sections of Nadav Kanders works that I find the most inspirational is the use of almost derelict and deserted landscape combined with the different weather conditions as I think that they create a atmospheric effect. I also find the double exposure photograph inspirational as I like the way the images combine together.


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